If you frequently travel abroad for recreation, business, or any other reasons, you’d be happy to know that international prepaid cards can be your consummate companion.

You might not be aware of it but international prepaid cards are deemed very beneficial for those who frequently travel abroad. Aside from the low cost, you will only pay a very minimal amount for currency conversions as well as other foreign transaction fees.

Yet another key advantage of using an international prepaid card is it makes it a lot easier for you to adhere to the budget you have set. In other words, since you’re limited to the balance that’s available, you can easily curb possible overspending.

However, the security using prepaid card offers is undoubtedly one of the main reasons many cardholders use them especially when travelling outside the country. When you bring a prepaid card with you, you can forego the need to physically carry huge amounts of money with you. Doing so will greatly eliminate the risk of having cash stolen or misplaced.

If you are not using a prepaid card for international travel yet, below are some of the enticing reasons why you should:

  • At the most, issuers will allow cardholders to load up to 16 different currencies on your international prepaid card.
  • When used abroad, there is a likelihood that you’ll be offered attractive discounts when you use international prepaid card.
  • In some instances, card issuers will give corresponding reward points for transactions done using the international prepaid card.
  • For those who would like to check the balance that’s available on the card, they can make an inquiry at ATMs where their card is affiliated. However, typically, cardholders get a notification message when doing purchase and withdrawal transactions. The balance that’s available on the card will also be indicated in the notification.
  • For lost or stolen cards, some card issuers give users the option to avail of an add-on card.

When using your prepaid card, keep in mind the following:

When using your international prepaid card for purchase transactions or withdrawals outside the country, it is important that you keep the following key tips in mind for added convenience and ease:

  • When using an international prepaid card, you will be able to save a good amount of money especially when it comes to currency conversion fees.
  • If you have the option to load a foreign currency directly on the card, you also have the option to create currency conversions when you find the rates to your liking.
  • Some of the most offered currencies include the Euro, United States dollar, and the British Pound.
  • If your balance gets depleted while you are outside the country, you have the option to have the card loaded via a secure login portal, as well as through internet and mobile banking.
  • Once money has been loaded on the card successfully, you can make purchase or withdrawal transactions immediately.
  • A few International prepaid card providers offer travel insurance coverage such as lost liability card protection, lost baggage coverage, and counterfeit liability cover to cardholders.
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